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If we were to name one seasonal thing this winter had been lacking, it would certainly be the amount of snowfall in Toronto. The last snowfall that accumulated was already a month in the past, which only stayed for a day on Christmas. So when the National Alerts gave us a Winter Weather Travel Advisory on Tuesday, Nov. 26, they were really bringing about the news that we’d finally get some proper snow in this time when travelling isn’t quite a viable choice anyway.

With the average snowfall of 5 to 10 cm checked out, Torontonians are again able to enjoy some family-friendly winter activities including outdoor skating, snowmobile, cross-country skiing (but not downhill skiing) and snowshoe trails within one’s own household. Snowmen were built, snow angels were printed, adults and children alike are having a blast.

That said, with more fun always comes more risk. Thick, accumulated snowfall like this is prone to cause traction loss to vehicles and nasty falls to pedestrians, especially when it is partially melted away. Since today’s temperature in Toronto will climb up above zero for a while, to those who plan on going out, do be advised to take extra caution to your surroundings and steps. May you safely enjoy this snow while it lasts.