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We’ve seen the emergence of Instagram and the recognition that can come from creating distinctive content in recent years. From influencers in Toronto who have amassed large followings to those who have utilised their following to advocate for social justice, it is clear that social media is the way of the future.

Chloe Zhang (@chloezhaang)

Chloe Zhang is a Toronto-based blogger who has passion for fashion and skincare. If you’re seeking for a sophisticated person to follow that can give you all the beauty recommendations on things you should try, go no further than Chloe. Aside from her passion for skin care, she also has a fantastic sense of style and impeccable home decorating talents.

Johanna Martin (@blousesandhouses)

Johanna Martin, a Toronto-based artist, has everything to seek in an influencer: creative and honest. She uses wonderful pastel colours in her sketches, which she puts on her Facebook. She also publishes images of delectable cuisine that complement the style of her account. Johanna’s work is also distinct in that it is heavily influenced by rock and quartz.

Aimee Hernandez (@aimhernandez)

Aimee is a Toronto-based photographer who shares stunning images of the city and other big cities across the world. In her highlights area, her content is divided by different locations throughout the world, making it easy to hunt for a certain destination you’d want to view images of.

Katiel Broad (@katielbroad)

Katiel is a Toronto-based photographer who, to be honest, doesn’t appear to be in Toronto all that often because she’s always publishing photographs from all over the world! Katiel is able to capture areas and structures in Toronto that are typically overlooked. We live in such a hectic metropolis that it is easy to lose sight of the beauty that surrounds us. Katiel does an excellent job of bringing everything back to us.