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6 Canned Drinks to Bring to Your Next Social Distance BBQ

This week, premier Doug Ford officially announced that Toronto will be in Stage 2 of reopening as of June 24th. This is great news, especially now that summer is in full swing. Many residents of the city have been taking great precautions to social distance, and it is urged that we continue to do so if we want the country to fully recover and completely eliminate Covid-19. Outdoor gatherings, however, have been permitted with a limit of 10 of one’s inner social circle. The most popular of these gatherings is barbecue’s, and as social distancing thrives, the BYOB system is the most effective in reducing the spread of germs. While beer remains a superior drink of choice for a summer get together, there are countless new non-beer options available. Here is our review of just six of these options:

SPLASH Orange Mango Spiked Sparkling Water with Vodka (5%, 355 ml)

This is a very light and refreshing beverage. It’s a good option for vodka drinkers whose go-to at the bar is a vodka soda with a splash of extra fruit flavour. With minimal sweetness, both mango and orange are equally hinted with every sip. Because of the lightness, it can be a little too easy to consume these, so proceed with caution and enjoy! Alternate Uses: Spike it with more vodka. Rating 8.5/10

Founder’s Original Seville Orange Bourbon Sour (5%, 473 ml)

Considered quite a bit sweeter than the SPLASH, with a strong lemon and orange flavour profiles, but not terribly sour. One way to describe it is a Fresca, or Orangina but with alcohol. The bourbon does not hide, as many canned drinks tend to mask the flavour of alcohol, and here it puts it on the frontline. If sweet and citrus-y drinks are your go-to, this would be a good beverage to try. Alternate uses: Use it as an ingredient for marinating BBQ pork. 8/10

Tailspin Mountain Blackberry Gin & Soda (5%, 473 ml)

This drink boasts an unsweetened natural blackberry, but sadly does not deliver. There is an initial strong artificial blackberry essence that hits the nose when it’s popped open, and taste is much the same. Similar to many canned vodka drinks, the gin is masked by the initial flavour. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the blackberry flavour is reminiscent of candy, or popsicles. Alternate uses: Actually turn it into an alcohol popsicle by using a mold or ice cube tray. Alternate alternate use: Use ice cubes in a different fruit drink to give it a hint of blackberry. 6/10

Girl’s Night Out White Sangria (6.5%, 473 ml)

The strongest of the six drinks coming in at 6.5 %, the white sangria certainly makes it known that it is an alcoholic beverage, primarily in the after taste. Powerful and sweet, the white grape flavour is prominent here. Wine drinkers will appreciate this canned version, but only if your preference is a riesling or a moscato. Dry wine drinkers beware; stick to the real deal for your bbq refreshments. Alternate uses: Put it into a white sangria for extra punch. 6.5/10

Bacardi Limon & Lemonade Rum (5%, 355 ml)

This canned rum drink delivers some proper, authentic lemon flavour. The beverage is super tasty, and offers a nice balance of rum and citrus. It is on the sweeter side, but not overtly so. For those who normally enjoy a rum and coke, this is an excellent canned substitute. Alternate uses: Blend it with ice to turn it into a slushy. 7.5/10

Beach Bum Lemon Coconut Sparkling Vodka (5%, 473 ml)

If sunscreen could be turned into a delicious summer drink, then Beach Bum is it. This can be considered a good or bad thing, depending on how much you love the smell of sunscreen. Beach Bum, while tasty, seems to have an identity crisis. Ingredients include ‘coconut and/or grape water’, but the base flavour is primarily lemon with coconut as an aftertaste. Alternate uses: add rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream to make the ultimate Pina Colada. 7/10