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There mustn’t be a soul in the city of Toronto that doesn’t know about the beautiful high park. There are so many different gardens within the city of Toronto that are available for just about anybody to go ahead and explore but that’s not what this article is about today. Today we’re talking about Rouge National Urban Park. There are both empty fields and beautiful valleys here in this park, with different types of landscapes including a view of some rushing water and of course the Rouge River, which flows steadily through the park.

Although this park is not necessarily a garden where people go to see flowers, there is a sense of connection with the nature around us even though you’re right in the middle of the city. This park carries a vast assembly of both natural cultural and agricultural landscapes. Because of this, you are more than likely to see a vast variety of different types of wildlife who live within this ecosystem. With more and more people spending time outside this park is one that should not go overlooked this summer.

Something you may not have known about this incredible park is that the human history behind the park leads back to over 10,000 years and it includes some of Canada’s oldest known indigenous sites. Rest assured that you are experiencing a part of history when you come visit this park.