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Toronto’s Influencers

What we enjoy about following influencers on Instagram is how frequently we heed their recommendations, particularly when it comes to eating establishments or skincare items we wish to buy. Why? When determining what to buy, we value reviews that are truthful of both items and locations.

We’ve put up a list of Toronto gals that are currently killing it on Instagram to make your life simpler. You really can’t go wrong with social media queens, who will offer you all the details on which restaurants you should visit as well as amazing fashion inspiration.

@nataliealysa An influential person in fashion is Natalie. She is well known for nearly ALWAYS sporting sunglasses in her images and consistently shares a tonne of seasonal fashion ideas with her fans.

@allthingscoveted Danielle is a Toronto, Ontario-based stylist and content producer who enjoys posting pictures of herself in some of the city’s hippest neighbourhoods, checking out some of its top coffee shops, and sharing her passion of fashion with her followers. Danielle is your gal if you’re searching for a decent person to follow in general.

@aimhernandez Another Toronto-based photographer, Aimee, shares stunning images of the city and other significant cities from across the world. What I appreciate about Aimee is how she organises her content in her highlights area by geographical regions, making it simple to search for a spot you’d like to view pictures of.