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Ontario hits the vaccination target for Step 3

Ontario has met the vaccination target to enter the final 3rd step of the province reopening plan weeks ahead.

The provincial reopening plan required more than 70% of the adult population to receive their first vaccine dose. Currently, over 76% of adult Ontarians have already received the first shot, while 25% of those aged 18 and over are fully vaccinated.

Nevertheless, the province is still in the 1st Step of the reopening plan which led to some ministers raising the conversation about whether the next stage should speed up. Initially, the provincial government highlighted that at least 21 days are needed to understand the impact of each stage on Covid-19 cases and hospitalization numbers.

Solicitor General Silvia Jones commented that although sooner reopening sounds highly attractive, it is important to follow the guidance of the Chief Medical Officer of Health in order to ensure the decision’s safety. As soon as the decision is made it is going to be shared with the public, Jones promised.

Currently, the 2nd Step which would allow the reopening of personal care services, live music events, and small indoor gatherings, is expected to begin on July 2.