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La Niña Winter Coming to Ontario

Forecasted by multiple big news media is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon called ‘La Niña’ affecting the Pacific Ocean and its surrounding lands this winter. It was predicted that the winter will be arriving late, but when it happens, a good portion of southern Canada will be covered heavily in snow.

It is skeptical yet if we Ontarians are going to have a white Christmas this year, as the weather will likely stay mild over December if no significant storm is coming. In January and February however, the weather will turn stormy as oceanic cold fronts meet milder air from the southern United States. Above-normal snowfall is forecast in the Toronto to Montreal corridor, along with the possibility for rain or ice storms to occur.

Put your worries aside, and let’s enjoy outdoor patio dining while the weather is still fit. Once the red zone restrictions pass, winter fun should soon follow with the incoming snowfall. May La Niña bring blessing to this end of a very eventful year.