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Moderna’s Update on Their COVID Vaccine: It’s 94.5% Effective

In this seemingly neverending nightmare of coronavirus comes promising news about a likely COVID-19 vaccine candidate: Moderna said on Monday that its newest ‘mRNA’ vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective, according to preliminary data from the company’s ongoing study.

Although this claim of the vaccine’s effectiveness was based on short-term results, the Canadian government did not seem keen on acting slow presented a precious opportunity like this. A quick and firm commitment on 20 million doses had been made a while back in September, and an additional 36 million doses were also reserved as a back option. Moderna says that they will “remain on track to be able to deliver up to 56 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine to help protect Canadians beginning in 2021.”

However, no matter how effective and safe Moderna’s vaccines might be, experts are concerned that not enough of Canada’s population would be willing to try it out once they become available. “Getting to this kind of vaccine efficacy has been so much the focus of the science world and the non-science world. But getting a vaccine isn’t the goal,” says Kate O’Brien, director of the immunization department at the World Health Organization, “getting people vaccinated is.”