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Vending Machines Added at TTC Stations for COVID Countermeasure

The mandatory mask-wearing rule on public transit has been no stranger to us Torontonians. With the second wave of COVID outbreak here, the demands over masks and other sanitary products are on no less than constant growth. In response to the situation at hand, TTC has decided to introduce vending machines that dispense masks, hand sanitizers and wipes across their subway network.

The first batch of said vending machines is to be installed on 10 major stations in the Greater Toronto Area – including Queen, Union and Kennedy stations. Passengers on each line of TTC subway will be given access to vending machines that accept both cash and cards, making it much easier to comply with city by-laws and of course, tend to the increasing need for personal hygiene.

“Safety is a core value at the TTC and we want to make sure that our customers feel safe on all our vehicles and in our stations. We are always looking for new ways to enhance safety and give our customers choices. These vending machines are just one more way we are doing that,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary in a written statement.