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Vitalita’s Wines Deliver Big Flavours to Toronto

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues in the GTA, many people have chosen alternative sources for the delivery of goods and services in order to avoid lining up to get into a store. One of the more frustrating line ups to date is at the LCBO. Even though the number of Covid-19 cases has decreased and access to these businesses becomes easier, private owned liquor companies and agencies have come out on top by putting themselves on the map with some fantastic products.

One such company includes Vitalita, a wine importing agency out of Woodbridge that brings in exclusive, high end, fine wines from Italy for a fraction of the cost. The owner, Mario Liberatore, is a passionate aficionado of wines. His goal when starting Vitalita was to be able to provide exceptional and exclusive Italian wine to his clientele. He and his staff have worked with alcohol for decades (including their top consultant Luciano – luciano@vitalita.ca), and will be able to assist in choosing the perfect bottle(s) for any occasion.

The cost of a bottle ranges upwards of $12.00 and can be arranged for free delivery in the GTA with a minimum of a 6 bottle purchase. There are three favourites for the summer which can compliment any event or gathering. It includes the Montecrocetta Furbastro ($22.00), a dry, fresh, full-bodied, white wine that is not available anywhere else in Canada. For prosecco, Vitalita offers San Giuseppe Prosecco ($16.50), an extra dry, light and refreshing drink for the summer.

It can be enjoyed on its own or in an Aperol Spritz. Last but not least, if you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a proper Tuscan red wine, the Sesta Di Sopra Toscana ($32.00) is what you need. This is a powerful and fragrant wine that will perfectly match a steak dinner or barbecue.

Check out these brands and many others at vitalita.ca, and don’t be shy, ask a representative like Luciano to help you choose wines that will fit your budget and tastes.