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Top 5 authentic bakeries in Toronto

The food scene of Toronto is something that moves in total accord with the city’s multicultural lifestyle. This includes a wide range of cuisine, style and taste for food enthusiasts to enjoy during their time in the city. From French bakeries to vegan friendly food stops, the pastry and snack treats in Toronto can blow your mind away.

Here are top 5 bakeries around the city:

  1. Roselle Desserts

Location: 362 King St. E

This minimalistic dessert place in Toronto started in the year 2015 by a young couple. Stephanie Duong and Bruce Lee shared their mutual dream of spreading love through their passion for baking and cooking. Thus Roselle found a special place in the heart of food lovers in Toronto, through their famous softies, cookies and all kinds of baked items. The shop is also a beautiful spot to spend time in.

2. The Danish Pastry House

Location: 65 Front Street W

Danish pastry is something that has always been a favourite of people around the globe. When Anita Lauritsen, a pure Dane, founded the Danish pastry house, all she wanted was to share the authenticity of her love for freshly baked goods. Now, this small bakery is stealing the hearts of many around Toronto. The croissants, Chocolate Roulade, freshly baked bread, etc are few of the favourites from the Danish pastry house.

3. Tori’s Bakeshop

Location: 2188 Queen St E

This lovely little vegan space is one that is now a favourite among the vegan community of Toronto.They have a wide variety of baked goods that are fully vegan. The team also focuses on eco-friendly, organic technique to encourage the sustainable lifestyle they are supporting. The chocolate croissants and cinnamon rolls are among the most opted items.

4. Black Bird Baking

Location: 172 Baldwin St

With their roots in England, the Black Bird Baking spread its wings in Toronto in 2011 and is now a true star among the city’s bakeries. Their baguettes, galette and even fresh bread are real favourites for the Toronto population. They create magic through baking.

5. Sud Forno

Sud Forno has a number of shops around Toronto and they are a definite pick for the pastry enthusiasts in the city. The Italian roots of Sud Forno is made obvious by their famous pizzas and other Italian snacks. The team focuses on keeping the Italian tradition live through t