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Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019: The Entirety You Need to Know

Are you an art lover or take pleasure in embracing creativity? Well, Nuit Blanche happens to meet your craving for everything artistic.

Toronto was transformed right into a large artwork installation on Saturday night October 5, 2019, when around three hundred artists and about ninety artwork projects were showcased making Torontonians spellbound.

The subject for this all-night long affair, which started out back in 2006, was “Continuum” and portrayed murals that retorts to the “interconnected and frequently contradictory paradoxes of life inside the changing city.”

Scheduled from 7 PM. To 7 AM. Sunday, the biggest modern artwork event in North America, left no stones unturned to amaze the visitors with exclusive work of art in Downtown Toronto and Scarborough Civic Centre.

Here are some highlights-

Peace to the Past, Reach to the Future

The Toronto Raptors and 2019 NBA champions were being showcased at this year’s Nuit Blanche. Essma Mohamoud and Bryan Espiritu were the artists who have formed an 18-foot sculpture to celebrate the team’s 25th anniversary and championship win.

Kaleidoscope: A Social Media Trinity

Portrayed as an “Instagrammable kaleidoscopic art installation”, this Alejandro Figueroa’s project invited the visitors to step onto the interior of this human-sized kaleidoscope which highlighted a live feed forecasts from social media.

Lunar Garden

“Lunar garden” by Daniel Arsham was exhibiting a Japanese-inspired garden, the largest one that the artist has ever built. Site visitors of the event were encouraged to “Zen-out” over the light of a 30-foot globe looking like the moon.

On Thin Ice

As a climate change reminder, there as a 25-foot tall piece of “cracked ice” was on display at Yonge & Dundas Square. This gigantic project by Ghost Atelier signifies the connection between melting ice rocks and the growing risk of Global Warming on the future of mankind.

The good news is that these art pieces will be getting displayed till 20 October 2019. So, if you haven’t explored these amazing art sculptures yet, then do it now!