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While some Torontonians might believe that their city is the finest in the world, a recent study suggests that at least one in ten visitors may disagree.
Based on information from websites like Tripadvisor and tens of thousands of visitor evaluations, analysts at the U.K.-based King Casino Bonus revealed their conclusions.
The independent market analysis platform stated in a press release that specialists were able to compute the “odds of being dissatisfied” by analysing evaluations on well-known online review sites.

The group specifically examined how frequently terms and phrases like “extremely disappointed” or “not as lovely as expected” occurred in the evaluations, as well as the proportion of five and four star ratings to three, two, and one star ratings.
And, regrettably for those who adore Toronto, the city came in first place on the list of the most exaggeratedly beautiful places in Canada.
The survey, which examined the top 20 local attractions with the highest reviews, found that the likelihood of being dissatisfied after visiting the city was 10.9%.

However, devoted supporters of the city might take solace. In terms of total likelihood of disappointment, it is ranked 36th.
In fact, none of the Canadian cities on the list, including Toronto, make the top 10.
With a 10.3% chance of visitors departing dissatisfied, Montreal comes in at number 43. At number 56, Vancouver has a 9.3% likelihood of leaving disappointed, while number 60, Ottawa, has an 8.6% chance of disappointing visitors.
Quebec City, which ranks 67th and has the lowest odds of being dissatisfied (8.2%), comes in last among the Canadian contingent.