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Whether you decide to take yourself on a date or go with that special someone a picnic is something that everybody enjoys. Whether you like to bring cheese and crackers on a charcuterie board or mini finger sandwiches to eat and enjoy a picnic gives you the creativity and the freedom to prepare whatever type of snacks you want to enjoy while sitting upon a beautiful landscape.

One of Toronto’s top spots for picnics may just have to be Ashbridge’s Bay. Ashbridge’s Bay is located next to woodbine beach and the famous beaches along Lakeshore Blvd. There is also a trail that runs through the park that stretches about 3 kilometers from one end of the Bay to the Harris water treatment plant. The view from the park gives you the scenic surrounding of beautiful Lake Ontario, as well as the joy in knowing that other people are in the park with you enjoying the same scenery.

If you’re more of a beach person and not so much of a picnic person, then you can also play a game of volleyball here as there are lots of volleyball nets along the shoreline of the beaches. If you wanted to bring your sea-doo or something non-motorized, then you could bring along your kayak or your paddle board. There are endless activities to enjoy here, making is an amazing park for a picnic!

With it being such a well-maintained area, you can assure that you will be enjoying your picnic on a clean and scenic beach. Treat yourself or whoever you want to bring with you to a beautiful day outside, overlooking the lake.