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Let’s have a look at what Toronto has to offer, as shopping there is considered a leisure activity that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Here is a list of the top shopping havens in Toronto where you may indulge and have a pleasant shopping experience, ranging from vintage department stores to stylish urban shops selling beauties.

Saks Fifth Avenue: As soon as you step into the store’s main location in New York, you’ll feel instantly transported to the Big Apple. There are over 1,000 shoes on display, men’s apparel, and a tonne of luxury goods that will tempt you to indulge at this store in Hudson Bay.

St. Lawrence Market: If you’re seeking for groceries during your pleasant visit to Toronto, go no farther than this market, which has been providing you with a fresh supply of goods at the greatest food market in the world since 1803. The first ever permanent farmer’s market, this market has a long history. The tastiest bacon sandwiches in town and locally made cheese are now all available under one roof.

Likely General: Likely General is a design store in Toronto that caters to all design lovers and creative types. It sells a variety of goods such knitted hats, books that are only available in limited quantities, and hand-made room spray. The owner is a musician who has always had a creative side and has a deep affinity for art. The name of the business tells it all: you won’t find anything generic there. The store specialises on handcrafted items with a touch of quirkiness.