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There are many places within the GTA that can offer you a delicious donut. Whether that donut be from a mainstream fast-food chain or a local mom and pop shop, you can almost be certain that your donut is going to taste good no matter where you go. If you’re anything like us here at Blog6ix though and you like to try a lot of different types of foods, then you’re sure to know that there are a couple donut spots within the GTA that hit just a little different…

First let’s talk about the donut shop called Cops, what an ironic name for a donut shop isn’t it? It’s located at 445 Adelaide St West Toronto, ON and here you can find the cutest and tiniest little donuts. They typically sell them in boxes of 36, making it a perfect place to take a friend! Not only do they sell donuts that are made from scratch daily, but they also serve fresh drip coffee made with single origin beans. They introduce a new flavor on a weekly basis giving you something new to try every time you go.

There is another bakery a little more north that is really well known for all of its goodies, but our favorite treat from this bakery has to be their donuts. The bakery we’re talking about is called All You Knead Bakery and it’s located in Vaughan! All You Knead has unique flavors like cookie monster, smores, Oreo and seasonal flavors that come out during holiday times. If you’re looking for a decadent donut covered with cookie dough and peanut butter drizzle or whatever your mind could even think of, then try out all you need bakery located at 9505 Keele St unit 11 in Maple, ON.