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March has arrived, and the start of spring is getting closer, but winter doesn’t appear to be ready to let go of its frigid grasp anytime soon.

Another storm is due to strike Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area later this week, and the spring prediction implies that the upcoming winter wallop is something we should be used to in southern Ontario.

Spring officially arrives on March 20, but the spring prediction predicts colder-than-normal temperatures and “messy winter weather” in March and parts of April.

The risk of flooding this spring is expected to be lower than typical thanks to an extended winter thaw that decreased snow and ice in streams. Flooding danger may grow in late spring as a result of a snowy March.

As we get closer to summer, the season should conclude on a warmer and drier note. The weather should be reasonably quiet before the storm arrives, with a high of 2 C and a risk of flurries on Wednesday. Thursday will be mostly overcast with sunny breaks and a high approaching 4 degrees Celsius.