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A new province-wide recycling scheme may soon cause the price of non-alcoholic beverages to rise for Ontario consumers.
A “container recycling charge” may be added to some checkout receipts beginning on April 1 for goods like pop, juice, or bottled water.
The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association is imposing the charge on manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks, which are described as a consumable liquid in a sealed or ready-to-drink box (CBCRA).

The CBCRA is a group of many sizable garbage producers that receives funding from the industry. Giants like Coca-Cola, Loblaw Companies Ltd., and Nestle Canada are just a few of their stewards.

Although these businesses are legally responsible for the costs, it is probable that customers will end up paying them. Depending on the type of container, the charges range from one to three cents per item.

The programme, known as “Recycle Everywhere,” is a component of Ontario’s new Blue Box legislation, which require trash producers to pay for and maintain recycling infrastructure. A target of 80% beverage container recovery by 2030 is also included.
The group reports that as of 2021, the Recycle Everywhere programme in Manitoba had a recovery rate of 72%. This is an increase from 42% in 2010.
The program’s website seems to indicate that customers bear the expense of the service. According to a graphic headed “who pays for it,” the cost typically goes from manufacturers to merchants to customers.