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In the Toronto Police Service’s 2023 budget, Mayor John Tory is requesting more than $48 million in increased spending, stating that the money is required to address concerns about public safety.

Tory stated that the Toronto Police Service’s request would result in the creation of 200 new uniformed officer positions, including 90 new special constable positions, 20 911 operator positions, and 162 positions for priority response units, 22 positions for major case management, and 16 positions for the service’s neighbourhood policing programme in priority neighbourhoods.

He said that his campaign for financing, which, if successful, would raise the total budget for the Toronto police to little over $1.1 billion, is related to the expansion that Toronto is experiencing.

Tory said he supports modernising and the discovery of “more efficient ways” to assist those in need. He sat on the police services board during the last session of council but opted not to this year.

Parts of the community’s mistrust of the police has also been a problem for the force, something Tory recognised in his remarks on Tuesday and during Chief Myron Demkiw’s swearing-in ceremony in December.

On January 9, the 2023 budget request will be submitted to the Toronto Police Services Board. If accepted, it will be brought up to the council’s budget meeting in Toronto. The City of Toronto starts to discuss its budget.