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It seems that since the quarantine has begun a lot more people have taken up the hobby of becoming a plant parent. If you’re not familiar with the term plant parent, it is somebody who purchases a plant and then proceeds to take care of that plant and feed it the proper nutrients to help it grow into it’s beautiful self.

For beginner plant lovers it can be overwhelming choosing a plant that’s right for you and right for the environment that you’re going to be growing it in. We’ve found an amazing garden centre in Kingsville ON that makes it easy and fun to shop for plants. Colasanti’s offers a tropical plant nursery but not only that, the facility also has a petting zoo with children’s rides and indoor mini golf, although the space looks different wit everything going on these days.

Coming here would be the perfect day trip because you could enjoy all of the attractions 1st and then go home with your new plant. Currently due to covid the only things that are open are their restaurant and their indoor garden centre which you can shop online and in store. A lot of the varieties of the plants that they sell can be grown in their own production greenhouse which is on site. Also, if you are new at planting then they offer a care instruction guide which takes you through how to take care of your specific plant and the guide is Free!

As someone who has developed a new appreciation for plants, this type of plant shopping excites me because it takes that unknowingness away from getting the wrong thing! Everything you need is in one place!