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Ontario is Canada’s largest province in terms of both both size and population. Ontario is a key role on the global arena, with over 1 million square kilometres of territory and approximately 15 million population.

Lake Superior, Huron, and Erie are among the world’s biggest freshwater lakes, and are located in Ontario. These vast bodies of water provide millions of Canadians with drinking water and recreational opportunities.

Ontario is home to Toronto, Canada’s biggest metropolis and one of the major cities in North America. Toronto is a genuinely global metropolis, known for its cosmopolitan environment, numerous ethnicities, and booming cultural scene. Ontario is a key core of the Canadian film industry, with Hollywood North (Toronto) being one of North America’s busiest film production locations. Numerous well-known films and television series, including “Suicide Squad,” “Good Will Hunting,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale,” have been shot in Ontario.

Loons hold a unique place in the affections of many Canadians, particularly those who own cottages. The loon, on the other hand, is not widely recognised as our national bird. The loon is clearly portrayed on both a previous series of twenty-dollar notes and our currency.

We’d like to thank our southern friends in Minnesota, as it’s also their state bird and appears on their quarter. Excellent minds frequently think similar!

The loon symbolises both the strength of the wilderness that exists in Ontario and the force of isolation.

Ontario is the birthplace of the classic Canadian sport of ice hockey. The first documented game of ice hockey occurred in Montreal in 1875, and the sport has remained an important part of Canadian culture ever since.

With over 8,000 wind turbines and over 2,000 solar projects around the province, Ontario is a renewable energy pioneer. These renewable energy initiatives aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of long-term growth in Ontario.