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Toronto’s GTA area has introduced a new facility that is meant to help the health care system in the fight against Covid-19. On Monday, Sunnybrook Hospital in North York welcomed its first patients in the field hospital located in the hospital’s parking lot. Currently, Sunnybrook operates only one plot for 10 beds while the full potential of this unit can be expanded to 100 beds in total.

According to health care workers, this mobile health unit was created specifically for short-term patients at the stage of their recovery from Covid as well as for those who have already recovered and are expecting to return home.

As a result of the partnership between the provincial and federal governments, the field hospital is now fully equipped and operational and is expected to lower the pressure on the health care system. However, as health care workers state themselves, it is upsetting that Covid-19 has pushed us to the point where the medical field is forced to use all extra resources.