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Lego could have just transformed the hybrid-powered Sián FKP 37 hypercar into one of their incredibly detailed Technic models, which they have done, but they wanted to go from 1:12 size to 1:1 scale. So, 40,000 bricks, 2,200 lbs, and 8,600 man hours later, here it is: a 1:1 scale replica of the Ferrari.

Only a few of emblems and a set of wheels and tyres – Pirelli P-Zero units – are original to the car. Everything else, from the brake discs and callipers to the steering wheel, is made of the well-known plastic blocks.

Designers, constructors, mechanical engineers, and even an electrical engineer make up Zelinka’s crew. This is a full-scale enterprise, done by personnel known as “Master Builders” by Lego. This is not Zelinka’s first effort; he has worked on full-size copies of the McLaren Senna and Bugatti Chiron.

The 40,000 bricks are arranged on a steel frame designed by Lego. Not only that, but it can be carried without being bonded together; it is simply held together using typical Lego techniques. This super Lego “set” was more difficult to design than you would expect. To get the desired appearance, Zelinka’s team shipped sections of the automobile to Lamborghini to be painted by the same craftsmen that work on the real cars.