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An Ontario woman and her family have launched a civil lawsuit seeking $500,000 in damages from Tim Hortons after she allegedly suffered second-degree burns across her stomach, genitals, and legs from a “superheated” tea.
Tighe is representing 73-year-old Jackie Lansing – who, on May 18, 2022, bought a 14-ounce hot black tea via the drive-thru of a Huntsville, Ont. Tim Hortons, according to a statement of claim filed on behalf of Lansing.

In December, Lansing and her daughter initiated a lawsuit against Tim Hortons, accusing the business of carelessness. Within her statement of claim, Lansing claims that the cup she was provided with was faulty, that the tea was heated to an unreasonable temperature, and that the employees failed to take reasonable care and warn her of the cup’s deficiencies.
Lansing’s daughter is seeking damages under Ontario’s Family Law Act, alleging she hasn’t been able to sustain earlier levels of care for her impaired child while also overseeing her mother’s recuperation.

In the now-famous 1994 legal case, 79-year-old Stella Liebeck stated she received third-degree burns after dumping a McDonald’s coffee in her lap while parked outside the restaurant. The legal processes generated international news.
Earlier this year, a British Columbia man filed a complaint against McDonald’s stating he was hurt by a “scalding hot” coffee while stopped at a drive-thru window. Just over a decade prior, a B.C. woman also sued the fastfood company over burns received by a hot drink spill.