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If you’ve been getting a little bit bored during the quarantine I have something else for you too take up as a passion. If you are in any way shape or form even slightly an outdoorsy person, scratch that you don’t even have to be outdoorsy, then you can participate in the Algonquin Outfitters Paddle Art Contest.

If you make your way over to www.algonquinoutfitters.com, Then you will find the rules and contest regulations about this contest! Essentially in order to enter the contest there is a fee of $29.98 plus tax but with this you will receive a blank paddle. With the paddle blank you are supposed to either paint, burn, draw, or creatively decorate a paddle that will then be used in an auction to raise money for charity. Try this with your friends, with your kids, or a great date idea!

This year would be the third year that the paddle art auction for charity would be held, and in the previous years they managed to raise between $20,000 and $32,000. Even if you’re not an artistically inclined person, spending a little bit of time expressing yourself on a paddle that will then be used at an auction for charity seems like a pretty good pastime to me. If you don’t want to use the paddle that they provide to you you can use a paddle that you already own but you will still have to pay the registration fee. Good luck to you all whoever decides to join the contest, and thank you in advance for your continued support and creativity.