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Ontario has moved into Step 2 of the economical reopening plan. For the first time since November, personal care services such as tattoo shops and hair salons are opening their doors to customers

who had a long time to miss them. The entire province, with the exception of Waterloo, is able to enjoy the reopening of a long list of services from 12:01 am today, as Ontario enters Step 2.

Restaurants and bars are now able to sit up to 6 people at the table with an exception for those from larger households. Personal care salons and religious indoor services and ceremonies are allowed to reopen with a capacity of up to 25%, and outdoor sports activities are now not limited to the number of participants. However, in all cases, the protocol of social distancing will need to be adhered to.

Among other exciting changes, the rules for nice get-togethers also changed in a freer way. As per current regulations, outdoor gatherings now allow up to 25 people from different households. Additionally, for the first time since November indoor gatherings are also permitted with the limit of up to 5 people from various households.

The province is expected to remain in Step 2 for a minimum of 21 days before moving into the final stage of the reopening plan.