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When thinking about a sustainable lifestyle in Toronto you may not have many resources to help you figure out how exactly to make that first jump. There are quite a few companies that will offer the resources for you to live a more sustainable lifestyle without making any drastic changes. Companies such as the ones that we’re going to highlight today are going to help you make small decisions in taking those steps to live a more sustainable and eco conscious lifestyle.

The first place I would like to highlight is located in Aurora, ON North of Vaughan. According to their website, “Replenish” is a return to the community general store, where you can find everything from premium pantry items to lifestyle and home goods as well as DIY ingredients for those quarantine projects. Their address is 15231 Yonge St and they are open daily for your needs!

Another sustainable company that we should mention is Pela Case! pela case is the world’s first 100% compostable an eco-friendly phone and Android case company. They offer solutions to phone accessories without the material of plastic. Pela Case is also a Canadian company, although they are not located in Toronto you can still support the Canadian economy by supporting this business. If you’d like to check out their designs, go to www.pelacase.com

By working together, we can share our favorite sustainable companies in an effort to make our planet a greener and better place. Transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle can be made easy by adjusting simple things you do in your everyday life one step at a time. Your first step would be to go and visit one of our two highlighted stores in your journey to become a more sustainable and eco-friendly person. Or, next time you need to replace your toothbrush, opt for a bamboo or eco friendly option instead of plastic.