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I have never found a Mediterranean restaurant where I haven’t enjoyed the food, but when I stumbled across these next places, my life changed forever.

If you’re located in Vaughan, you have to try DejaVu! My very first time I came here I only ordered the hummus appetizer because I was only craving something small at the moment but when I got home and tried their hummus it was one of the most delicious hummus dishes I have ever had. I know that it’s probably not so hard to make hummus but I do think it is hard to make a good hummus and this is a good hummus. I came back the next day and I ordered the falafel. I didn’t order the falafel plate because I wanted to eat the falafel with the hummus so I just ordered the falafel and even that was extra delicious too. You can get 6 falafel for $6. As much as I loved this place I am one to try and learn how to do things on my own so I ended up Googling a recipe on how to make my own falafel at home but after realizing that I would have to soak the chickpeas for 24 hours and then put everything in a food processor and make these intricate little balls of deliciousness I realized that it was probably a lot easier to just drive for a little bit and get the chef at deja vu to whip me up a order of falafel.

Another place we want to highlight is Shawarma Falafel & Bakery in Brampton! Located at 31 Melanie Drive #10, this place is one not to be overlooked. Although they don’t have an official website, you can see their menu on Uber Eats or Doordash! The food reflects the amazing owners personality, as you can truly tell the food here is made with passion. If you’re someone who eats meat, then go ahead and order the chicken shawarma plate here with the yummiest most tender shawarma pieces!

Mediterranean food is slowly popping up in more spots over the city and we are LOVING it!