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We are about to dedicate an entire article to one single restaurant because they truly deserve it. This following restaurant has not only been able to make a menu that is extremely vegan and vegetarian friendly but also managed to create a type of cocktail that I personally have never seen in my many years of bartending and waitressing at multiple different types of bars and restaurants. When dine-in was still an option there were some drink options where you could get a Caesar topped with your favorite meal items like a Nacho bowl and a fried chicken sandwich. They put these men items directly on top of your Caesar! So you get a drink, and a meal all in one! How crazy!

To some, this may be a little bit weird, but for me, if I can buy a drink and my entire meal is on that drink, plus some additional snacks on the side – like a peanut butter pie then, I would be one happy customer. Personally, I think this was created on their menu as more of a sharing item and also a social media tactic to get people to take pictures and share on their socials. With dine-in now currently not being an option they are also still offering a to go menu as well as delivery options through third party delivery providers.  

Give it 30 days until this third round of lockdown is over and when it is, head on over to their patio and try something new. Another thing that we noticed too just by going through a few of the Yelp and Google reviews is that the waitstaff here is extremely friendly and extremely welcoming so this is truly a place you’ll want to come back to to enjoy some good company. I can’t wait to go when the weather is nicer and the patios are back to being open!