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Mani’s Toke on Queen West is Toronto’s newest legal cannabis dispensary that provides an alternative to the typical corporate dispensary experience. Brothers Mani and Amir opened the doors to their toke shop that caters to the community, and customer care is king. Walking in, the staff greets you with a warm welcome and one of the owners is sure to be walking around the floor helping customers. Any cannabis connoisseur or new customer would feel at home in this space.The atmosphere is laid back, open, with an un-intimidating menu that has a popular selection of modestly priced cannabis products. The menu is divided into sections compared to strains; Dayshift, Nightshift, and Anyshift. You’ll find an assortment of cannabis accessories, infused sodas, and edibles available. Every item displayed in the store is hand picked and ordered by Mani based on customers opinions, requests, and overall quality. When you go to Mani’s Toke there aren't three floors to maneuver around or huge markups; there is a family owned shop that caters to the community by providing quality products at competitive prices. Located directly on Queen West near Trinity Bellwoods Park, Mani’s Toke is open Monday-Saturday 09:00-10:00, and Sunday 09:30-6:00.

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