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Canada’s Passport Gets a Refresh with Focus on Natural Beauty

Canada’s passport is getting a new look, with a greater focus on the country’s natural landscapes and less emphasis on its history. The new design, which is set to be rolled out in the coming months, is aimed at showcasing Canada’s diverse and stunning natural beauty to the world.

The current passport design features iconic Canadian images such as the Parliament buildings, the Coat of Arms, and various historical figures. However, the new design will feature images of the country’s natural landscapes, such as mountains, lakes, and wildlife. This change is part of a broader effort to promote Canada as a top tourist destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to the new design, the passport will also feature new security measures aimed at preventing fraud and counterfeiting. The new passport will include a polycarbonate data page, which is more resistant to tampering and forgery, as well as a new electronic chip that will store the holder’s personal information.

The Canadian government has said that the new passport design and security measures are aimed at enhancing the travel experience for Canadians and promoting the country’s unique identity to the world. The new passport is also expected to help boost tourism, which is a major contributor to the Canadian economy.

While some Canadians have expressed disappointment at the reduced focus on history in the new design, others see it as a positive move towards promoting the country’s natural beauty and attracting more tourists.