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The Office is Coming to Toronto this Spring

A pop-up event totally dedicated to The Office is coming to Toronto this spring for those who have always wanted to celebrate the Dundies, visit Schrute Farms, or air high-five a loved one directly from Pam Beesly’s reception desk.
Beginning March 3, viewers may visit The Office Experience and Scranton Business Park at Yorkdale Shopping Centre to relive their favourite show moments.
Schrute Farms, a recreation of the warehouse, the Annex, Ryan Howard’s closet, and Michael Scott’s office are among the recreated settings of Dunder Mifflin that visitors may explore.

According to a news release from Original X Productions, Co-President and Chief Strategy Stacy Moscatelli, “This is the only place where fans can celebrate and interact with the series’ most iconic sets and moments, from sitting behind Michael’s desk to dancing down the aisle at Jim and Pam’s wedding ceremony, or playing Dunder Ball in the Annex.”
Fans may pose with a phoney pot of Kevin’s well-known homemade chilli at the exhibit, and guests can relax in the break room and take part in the Finer Things Club.
The Office Experience’s producers, OGX and Universal Live Entertainment, in consultation with Greg Daniels, the U.S. creator of The Office, judged it to be the “largest-ever” official interactive experience. The pop-up will be open for three months, until June 4. Tickets can be bought online starting Jan. 25 at 10 a.m. EST, and start at $37 CAD plus taxes and fees.