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Toronto is Freezing

Toronto has received a freezing rain warning from Environment Canada, which says cold precipitation is anticipated early on Tuesday.

The federal meteorological bureau stated in the warning that surfaces might accumulate ice as much as a few millimetres thick.

The prediction predicts that by late Tuesday morning or early Tuesday afternoon, it will start to lightly rain.

According to Environment Canada, surfaces such as roads, highways, sidewalks, and parking lots might turn icy and treacherous.

Environment Canada advises drivers to slow down on slick roads, look out for taillights in the distance, and maintain a safe following distance.

According to the organisation, the freezing rain may have a “major impact” on rush hour traffic in the city.

The “lake effect” was a significant factor in the significant snowfall.

The Great Lakes are one of the few locations in the world with sufficiently big amounts of water where the lake effect may occur, making it a rather uncommon phenomena.

Lake effect storms are particularly common on the Great Lakes, which contain over 20% of the world’s freshwater, as anybody who lives near the coast would attest to.

Only under specific circumstances, when cold air moves over a relatively warm body of water, may a lake effect snowfall occur. The air absorbs heat and moisture from the lake, which causes the air to rise. After cooling and condensing, the moisture condenses high in the atmosphere, and starts to fall as snow.