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Toronto has reached new vaccine milestone

The city of Toronto encourages people to vaccinate as soon as they get a chance to finally bring the pandemic to an end. Currently, more than two million doses have been administered across the city.
According to Dr. Sarah Wilson, a public health physician at Public Health Ontario (PHO), the healthcare system constantly monitors the safety of vaccines, while the drop in the COVID-19 numbers is a good indicator of the vaccination’s safety and effectiveness. Moreover, Toronto Public Health has set up a team to monitor adverse events after received vaccinations. While vaccinations might lead to experiencing side effects such as headache, muscle soreness, joint pain, fever, and chills, they are simply indicating that the vaccine is working to produce antibodies. In case if residents experience any unusual symptoms or if the symptoms last longer than 3 days, they should call 911.
However, healthcare workers remind that all vaccines that are being administered meet the necessary criteria of safety and effectiveness and meet the highest international standards.