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Toronto’s early flowers woke up under a blanket of April snow

Canadian weather decided to change our traditional perceptions of Spring and surprised the city of Toronto with a soft layer of new snow on Wednesday. From the early morning, people seem to enjoy posting pictures of their snowy backyards and while the general tone of these posts is not very happy, real Torontonians are not very surprised with this Winters reminder of itself. At the end of the day, Canadian weather is just like Canadians themselves – fresh and exciting.

Although at the moment, the city’s streets look like a New Years’ postcard, there is no need to get into the Christmas rush, since the temperature is predicted to rise back to normal by the end of this week.  As of right now, it is better to stay away from unessential traveling and enjoy this brief Winter’s beauty, before the Spring takes over again and fills the city with warm sunshine on Friday.

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