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fox on toronto skyline

Is wildlife getting too comfortable with us?

It may be something that you haven’t noticed yourself personally, but there has been a rising issue with the wildlife becoming a lot more comfortable around the presence of people within the city. At the start of covid we noticed that the wildlife was coming out because less people were on the roads and less people were spending time outside and going places. As the time went on these animals continued to grow comfortable with the environment and have since started showing their faces in a few more communities.

Just the other day there was a Fox spotted hanging out outside of the CN Tower. we understand that wildlife lives all around us in the city but typically you don’t see these types of animals during the day just roaming around freely. There was also a case in the city of Vaughan where multiple turkeys were seen crossing intersections near the Canada’s Wonderland area. If you’ve driven around the city then you’ve probably seen a small sign on the side of the road that says do not feed the wildlife. We’re pretty sure that this sign came to be because people were feeding the coyotes and the deer and they were showing up and were a little bit too comfortable around people.

Although not relevant to us here in Canada it was quite funny to see a video online that surfaced of a black bear getting into a hot tub on somebody’s porch. Could you imagine sitting in your kitchen enjoying a Cup of coffee or tea and watching as a black bear just slowly climbed into your pool or your hot tub. With the rise of animals becoming more comfortable around our presence it is important that we keep in mind the safety protocols that come with being so close to wildlife.