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Top Bubble Tea Shops in Toronto

Find the perfect spot to choose a refreshing drink at these Toronto bubble tea shops!


Multiple locations

This Taiwanese bubble tea chain has plenty of locations across the GTA. Chatime offers online ordering options and has launched a new rewards app.


Tiger Sugar

Multiple locations

Tiger Sugar is an international dessert chain brand that originated in Taiwan. Their signature drink is their boba pearl milk tea with real caramelized brown sugar ripples which create ‘tiger stripes’ that are pleasing to the eye and to taste.


The Alley

Multiple locations

This deer-themed spot insists on making their Deerioca (their version of tapioca) from scratch. Each bite is unique, satisfying the craving for the perfect taste. Their menu has a large bubble tea selection with many drinks coming in hot and cold options. 


Yang Teashop

Multiple locations

Yah Teashop offers a wide selection of tea leaves and their brown sugar is imported from Taiwan. Their brown sugar, which is used to make their tapioca, has a rich, velvety texture similar to the brown sugar from Okinawa.


Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Multiple locations

This Taiwanese franchise opened its first Toronto location in 2014 and offers a high standard selection of tea as well as product innovation and development.