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The growing popularity of Graffiti in Toronto

Depending on how long you’ve lived in the amazing city of Toronto, the type of graffiti art that you’ve been seeing popping up all around the city may have changed. The thing we like the most about graffiti is the fact that it normally portrays what’s going on whether it be in the media or in the world. It is a way for local artists to share these moments with you through their type of art which just happens to be graffiti.

One of the most popular spots to go appreciate some graffiti art in the city is the infamous graffiti alley. Graffiti alley is a spot that many people are already familiar with but if you have already gone before then you should try and go at least once more. The art here is constantly changing and now you will be able to see many artists who have made a statement about the BLM movement through their artwork posted here. Graffiti Alley is located at 160 Rush Lane.

The great thing about the graffiti art at Kensington market is the fact that it’s surrounded by so many cool food spots too. Now we say this because there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a delicious bite to eat from one of the local restaurants there and simply walking around the market and enjoying the art. By coming to Kensington market and admiring the beautiful murals of artwork that have been posted there you are essentially becoming part of the community. It is time that we celebrate these artists and stop covering up their beautiful pieces of artwork.

If there is one thing that has had a deeper impact on the community lately is the fact that people are starting to realize just how much we can all connect with each other through the artwork of others. The obvious statement that graffiti is pretty much available to anybody who wants to go see it is amazing because you can simply be you and you have access to go see this artwork.