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Pickle Barrel Falls Victim to the Pandemic

A famous 39-year-old dining spot staple for Torontonians – Pickle Barrel’s flagship store found at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas has just been forced to due to the ongoing economical impact of the COVID pandemic.

“It’s not easy to see it go,” says Peter Higley, who started working there as a busboy in 1983 and gradually worked his way up to run the whole chain. “That second lockdown was just a dagger for the business, we just could not find a way to make it in that location anymore. The landlord wanted to help us and we were working on a new lease, but there was no viable way to keep it going.”

While their main store is closed for business, Pickle Barrel’s other branches are still holding strong. You can still visit their cafe at Yorkdale or order from their branches at Yonge/Eglinton and Vaughan Mills. May their delicacies never fade out of our foodies’ sights.